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Flexible design and technical support

David helped us to update our website, providing all the back-end technical support and front-end design and templates. Having someone who knows the underlying technology is a real boon, allowing us to focus on building a great site rather than, for example, how to upload the files to the hosting service. And for the front-end design, David was very flexible, taking all our requests onboard and developing creative solutions to help us achieve the look-and-feel we wanted.


Keeping it simple

Build your perfect
website today

I start with a chat ! First step in all project is to discuss what you want your web site to do.

  • No.1 Who is going to be viewing and using the site ?
  • No.2 How you want it to look ?
  • No.3 How you want it to perform ?

These are 3 basic question which need to be addressed in the final design – Another reason why using template designs are a bad idea, as they are not actually “designed” just reproduced. Bad designed site can lead to your potential customer leaving your site.

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Training & Guidance

A Design Created With Passion

As Standard all my web designs are mobile friendly. I can adapt an existing design to a new mobile layout, I can add payment options to your site or design a Web App or install plugins to your Website I also provide training so you can update your site by yourself.

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Why invest in web design ?

Forward Thinking and Creative

The pursuit of new clients is often left to the mysterious workings of the grapevine – ” recommendations “. Which is great, because you already have peaked their interest and the client comes knocking on YOUR door.

But, what if your door is badly painted or has a cracked window. What if outside your door you have an over turned rubbish bin or faded shop sign, with an old phone number, the appeal to investigate this “recommended” supplier is slightly less – would you agree ?

Tidy up that front door

Design Happiness For Your Business Zen

``My original site was not working for me or my business... I now have a site that does me and my brand justice. I smile every time I click over to it... I love my new website. Thank You.`` (Mary Coonan - Gleasta.ie)


Design for Mobile Devices

Sustainable Designs :

Our research shows there had been a massive increase in mobile web users visiting our clients websites. We have found 55% of visitors to websites use a mobile device.

It is inevitable that some day most people will surf the web using their phones, as it is obviously easier and cheaper. And currently the market is being flooded with a vast selection of smart phones all of which can visits your website. How does your site appear ?

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