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Want to hire an experienced UX / UI designer ?

Hello. How are you ? I’m David Hayden, a passionate graphic & web designer dedicated to creating web products people love. UX design is at the core of everything I do, every project starts with research to create workflows, wireframes and eventually valuable website designs.

I work with companies at different stages of product development to help them understand their needs and discover their users needs through analytics and testing. I develop bootstrap wireframes and front-end layouts for integration into the final product.



I can identify and understand user requirements and recommend UX strategies to add value to your site and achieve your measurable business goals.

Why ?

Studying workflows gives an insight into the mind of the user, pinpointing what is useful and what needs more work and also how to approach testing and getting some valuable user feedback.

It also works as a guide to refer back to when I have lost my way.


I build wireframe layouts based on the user data. I can build these in bootstrap, xd, illustrator or photoshop, but they all start off in my sketch book.

Why ?

It’s the best way to see how the product navigates and transitions through workflows without actually having to create the full product so we can begin testing or develop it further.

Prototyping a MVP is a valuable exercise here, to see if it actually solves the problem.


I see UI as the fun side of UX design, creating graphic elements that belong in the corporate style guide is something I have been doing all my career.

How ?

I start with sketching and build icons in illustrator so I can export as svg or find an icon library that feels at home in the brand.

The typography and colours are usually already laid out in the guidelines and things like animations or page transitions need to follow the feel of brand.



Event Management System

The web app that thought me a lesson

Homepage Prototype

Building a high fidelity UX prototype from user analytics


Bootstrap wireframe built for wordpress theme

A quick reminder about me

2017 : Moved my business to Belgium and began trading as HAYCOM. So far had the pleasure of working with lots of entrepreneurs and specialists delivering challenging projects.

2007 : Became self employed full time to work just for small businesses in Ireland but have since worked for multi national organisations and national authorities as well as companies in the UK, Canada and Europe.

2004 : Managed a large-format sublimation print company overseeing project management, marketing, production, client relations. This role gave me the confidence to make the decision to become self employed.

2000 : Not long after graduating with a Product & Graphic Design Degree, I began working for businesses who specialised in multimedia CD ROM’s as a web and graphic designer.

UX and me

I knew UX before it was cool. My education in industrial design showed me that design is the process of creating a solution to solve a problem. I’m interested in hearing what problems a client has first, what challenges they are experiencing and what their desired outcomes are.

When I studied product & graphic design UX concerned the display and ergonomics of a physical product. This has always made me think of digital designs as something that must be appropriate to the user. Their environment, their skill set, their expectations and physical limitations. This gives me a good basis to justify my design proposals and helps me (and the stakeholder) to stay focused on solving the problem and to create good UX.


Why I like UX.

I like to simplify complicated things and to get to the core of the solution. I like getting inside the head of users and working with product ergonomics. I like when the client gets that “Aha!” moment, when suddenly their solution is revealed from a mist of data.

Customer Service : Most businesses have ‘customers’, designers have ‘clients’. I think designers are more like a Doctor or a Lawyer who have clients with problems that need to be fixed by a specialised professional. (however designers probably have better morals and bed side manners)

Why hire me ?

Because I’m passionate about what I do and a little bit obsessed. I want to continue growing in the design field and I am eager to learn something new from everyone. I work very well with colleagues and clients alike and I can always bring new ideas when needed.

I’ve been self employed for a number of years, working with many different teams, in various roles, sometimes the designer, sometimes the client, so I have the ability to see the project in a 360 view. I’m used to deadlines and working under pressure.

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