2016 - 2018

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Technical Recruitment Logo
Logo design for a Technical Recruitment company ba...
Video: Peter Lewis Design
An Interview Style Introduction video for Peter Le...
GAF'18 Logo Design
Logo Design For the Gap Arts Festival 2018
Poster Design
Poster for Gap Arts Festival 2018
Product Photography
Online Shop Product photography mamasara.be
Food Photography (atmospheric)
Photography for Mamasara.be online shop.
Drone Pilot & Drone Shop
Online shop + portfolio of drone shots, primarily...
Drone website
Bootstrap template built for wordpress theme devel...
Logo Design
New Logo Design for Lombard Cullen & Fitzpatri...
Business Cards
Card Design with Multiple coloured sides
Web Design
Customised wordpress template (In progress)
Web Design
Also includes modified 3D Sketch Up model with too...

I am David Hayden

Creative Designer

Hello. How are you ?

I’m David Hayden, a passionate graphic & web designer dedicated to creating designs people love. I have extensive experience in many areas of graphic design covering areas such as web, UX, branding, printing, emails, social media, video and wordpress.

I have been self employed for since 2007 working with various companies completing projects mainly for web & print. For many years I was a graphic supplier for a many companies in retail and manufacturing. The projects range from simple product photo-shopping to Booklets, leaflets and video. presentation.

I am an avid Adobe CC user most days using photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign.
I originally studied Industrial & product design so I have a good understanding of product design and marketing and how to best represent the product visually.

Design for me is often a learning process and picking up new applications quickly has become a knack for me but I learn mostly from other colleagues.

I have worked for :


I work with like minded self employed freelance specialists to create top quality products in web, print and 360° VR tours. My collaborators keep themselves 100% up to date with the latest developments in their fields. This ensures you have product of quality .

I want to provide a good service for you ! Get in touch to see how …